It took three weeks to get on Google’s First Page

Wrexham Website Designer online for 3 weeks and on page one of google already



If you have been reading the blog or following us on Facebook and Twitter you will know that I was challenged the other week to get a website on to the first page of Google within a reasonable amount of time. I was challenged by one of my friends because he wanted me to practice what I preach, so to speak.



I am a business and IT advisor and spend a large amount of time trying to inform people how they can improve their websites performance on Google and the other Search Engines. My Challenge was to make a website and have it rank high for the Key Phrase ‘Wrexham Website Designer’. This makes me compete in a very crowded market against professionals who are making a living at website design and SEO in the Wrexham area.


I utilised the usual array of tools for marketing the website, please bear in mind it was done on a strict budget, as this website does not actually sell anything or turn a profit of any sort, it is simply an information portal. Not counting the money I have spent on silly videos and pictures for Google the SEO of this site has cost no more £50, £20 of this was for a WordPress plug-in.

The tools that were utilised are:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Gaining Back-Links
  • Some specialised WordPress plug-ins
  • Good content
  • Filling in the Meta tags
    • Description
    • Title
    • Alt image tag
    • Keywords
  • Domain name that contains important key words
  • Relevant and frequent blog articles indexed by Google on the 15 September 2011, it 3 weeks to get to page one on google

As you can see by the screen shots Google first indexed the site on the 15 September 2011. On the 4th October I checked Google and found that was ranking 7th for the important key phrase ‘Wrexham Website Designer’ on on it’s at number 6 🙂   Not to shoddy in three weeks! on page one of google in three weeks


I can not celebrate too soon however as Google often drops a website for a week or two to see if the site is still being developed, the dreaded Sandbox effect.

The biggest part of this exercise is that SEO does not have to cost the earth! Common sense and hard work pay dividends. Everything I did is actually on my other website it’s what I tell my clients to do.

But Challenge accepted, Challenge won in less than 3 weeks! … Where is my Celebratory Ale from the Challenger 🙂

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