Benefits of Having a Blog for your Wrexham Based Business

What is blogging
A blog is an important tool in marketing because you are developing a relationship with a prospective client with out actually meeting them. By following your thoughts and comments via your blog they will start to trust and respect you, hopefully later on this will equate to sales.  Despite what some individuals might have you believe, you can never have too many local blogs covering different niches. If you’re reading this post, then chances are that you’re interested in starting up a Wrexham based blog of your very own.

Right from the beginning, it’s important to decide what the blog specifics are going to be? Is your blog going to be about your business, entertainment, product reviews or something else entirely? Who will your audience be? What is the attraction for your audience, and how will the content make them want to return in the future? Ponder this, while we step into the next phase of blog creation.



Attracting and retaining blog visitors

Attracting visitors to your new blog isn’t something that will happen overnight, you must be willing to work at driving traffic to your site / bog yourself before expecting to see the often talked about viral explosion of new activity.

One of the most effective ways to drive new traffic to your blog is to go “offline” and promote your new blog in person! Pass out leaflets to businesses you deal with, friends or establishments you frequent, contact local media outlets, explore offline networking options. Getting the word out there for a local website is something best done offline because most people won’t think to start searching for it right away.

Once you’ve gotten the word out a bit, now is time to go ahead and make sure your current and future blog content reflects the interest of the day. Current events, issues surrounding a favourite place you frequent, and so on. Depending on the type of local blog you’re running with, the content needs to be of interest to your visitors. I’d also suggest retaining your blog visitors by using social media tools like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as well.


Monetising your blog

One of the things I get asked about most with peoples blogs are

‘Should I have Google Adsense Adverts or an Affiliate Scheme to generate some income?’

If it is a blog promoting your business or product then the answer is a strict NO! You will be diluting your credibility are the adverts are targeted on the topic of your web page so they would actually be showing your competitors!

If it is a personal blog and assuming you’ve managed to retain a consistent audience, now it’s time to consider monetising your new site. If you’re reporting on local Wrexham events, then it will pay to go ahead and seek out sponsorships from local businesses to offset costs as well as having Affiliate schemes and targeted adverts.

The best advice is to attain large numbers of regular visitors first, then seek out advertising. The reason for this is because local advertisers want to see evidence that their message is going to be heard. This can’t really happen if there aren’t any consistent Wrexham locals visiting the website. I would also suggest using Google Analytics so you can see actual visitor numbers and show demographics.


The Process

  • Figure out what you want to discuss or try to market
  • Create your blog
  • Write half a dozen articles to put on your blog before telling people about it
  • Submit these articles to Social Bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon (I will be writing an article on these soon)
  • Use conventional methods of advertisement to tell people about your blog
  • Use Social Networks to tell people about your blog
  • If you have an e-newsletter, use that to tell people about your blog
  • Write at least one article per week
  • Hopefully after time people will start to follow you and then this will equate to sales



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