Cookie Law

Cookie consent from may 2012


On the 26th May the UK Cookie Law came into force, this will probably affect your website. Failure to comply with this law could see you being fined potentially for a €500,000 fine, though in truth the ICO have said they will be lenient and try to inform you of your errant ways first.




What is a Cookie?

 In this case it is not a tasty biscuit, it is a small text file that is placed into your temporary internet files folder. The purpose of a cookie is:

  •  Allow you and your settings to be remembered by a website
  • Enable ecommerce to work
  • Allow personalization
  • Remember if you have been to the site before
  • Track you for advert profiling


On most sites Cookies are essential for the site to work correctly and are completely benign. The ones that track you across many sites for advertisement profiling are the ones I have a grievance with.


Will your site be a risk?

If you have one of the following items on your website, then you need to inform your visitors that your site uses cookies and garner their consent.

  • Any Content Management System based website (CMS)
  • Google Analytics or another visitor statistics tracking tool
  • Ecommerce
  • Members area, Login section or even personalised page (i.e. you ask for their name and it is inserted into articles)
  • A blog
  • Social media “like” buttons
  • Flash content
  • Google AdSense (adverts from Google on your site)
  • Google AdWords (You have adverts on the Google search page)
  • Embedded YouTube videos


Solution to the Cookie Law?

You need to or you need to get your website designer to install a cookie compliance module. On this WordPress website I have installed the  ‘UK Cookie Consent’ plug-in.

I am two months late complying with the legislation. What surprises me though is that as of this morning none of the Wrexham Website Designers on the first page of Google (using the key phrase Wrexham Website Designer) have complied either.

The ICO have been rather vague on the matter in the last twelve months, but they have now released a lengthy PDF explaining how to comply.




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