Facebook as a Social Marketing Tool


Facebook - An important part of your marketing campaign



Using Facebook as a marketing tool can be an effective way to keep existing website visitors “in the loop” as to what you have going on. When bundled with frequent updates, Facebook is one of the most effective ways to engage with your website visitors on the Web today.

The biggest challenge with using Facebook for website engagement is remembering that you must keep the dialogue a two-way street. This means that you must take the time to acknowledge those people who took the time to leave you a comment.  Even when the comments may not seem all that important, it’s critical for the long term health of your Facebook efforts.


Facebook Profile vs Fan Page

It is important to realise that Facebook offers two different opportunities for engagement.


The first is with a Facebook profile. This is commonly used for a single person, highlighting their accomplishments, likes/dislikes, status updates and so forth.

The second option is best suited for someone looking to engage users with content from a website or business. This is called the Facebook fan page. It is designed to allow you to manage postings to the page itself, creating special wall posts for contests and give-a-ways. Basically the Facebook page should be used as the “after party” for your own website. Allow it to complement, not conflict with your own website efforts.

A Business Fan Page has to be attached to a Personal Profile. Do not use your home profile, your clients do not want to see photos of you on holiday and hear about you getting drunk. Create a new blank Personal Profile for you as the business owner / worker.


Facebook as a subscription tool

In addition to engagement and branding, I’ve found that getting Facebook users to like individual blog posts is a powerful way to ensure that you’ve gained on-going readers for life. The odds are pretty good that you’ve recently created worthwhile content for your blog and you’re trying to get to as many people to read it as possible. You should consider installing a Facebook “like” button on each content page of your site.

Taking the “like” button approach provides site visitors with a means of showing support for your work along with also subscribing to new content in the future. The best way to do this is to make sure a teaser of your latest written content is going up to your Facebook page. A teaser is a common term for a portion of a given article to be shared in social media spots. It’s purpose is to get the reader interested enough to click through to read the rest of the article. Facebook will retrieve the articles, title and picture automatically when you type in the articles web address.


Once you’ve take the time to create a profile page and design a Facebook fan page for your site, you’ll then be ready to start engaging your own website audience. Remember to add the “join us on Facebook” logos on your website and in your newsletters. As with any marketing you have to constantly inform people about it.

It is an essential part of your Website marketing arsenal, along side Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Social Bookmarking sites.



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