Google+ for Social Media Marketing Engagement


Google Plus for Socially marketing your Business Website


Over the years, there have been a number of major players within the social media space, some have survived and some failed to keep up (do you remember Myspace, Bebo, Friends Reunited etc). But some might argue that none of them compare to Google’s latest entry into the social media space. Aptly named Google+, this social media portal is designed to offer much of what the other social media sites provide. We must remember that this is not Google’s first attempt at Social Networking, some of you might remember Buzz and Wav both of which fizzled in to oblivion. They seem to have taken the criticism on the chin though and they have now produced a platform to beat Facebook.


Google+ is offering a new way of handling your social media timeline along with how each of us interacts with one another within that timeline. They also offer greater and yet simplified control over your privacy, a major gripe for any Facebook user.


Google+ offers a better user experience

When I first received my Google+ invite, I was struck by the fact that it offered me a cleaner experience than I have had with similar services, while at the same time allowing me to show off my the web pages I’ve shared inside of organic Google results, via the +1 button.

Another aspect of Google+ that sets it apart is that the navigation isn’t a mess. With the top two competing services, the user interface has continued to fall from convoluted to down right terrible. My experience with Google+ is that the developers picked up on this and make sure that the navigation was kept clean.


Google+ Circles

If I was to describe a single, game-changing feature that Google+ has to offer, it has to be its Circles function. Google+ Circles allows me to, not only manage my friends, but categorise them in to separate Circles, each with different levels of access which limits what they can see on my profile.

A great example of using Google+ Circles effectively would be me setting up a Circle for Family, another Circle for close friends, one for work colleagues, one for acquaintances, business contacts etc. Taking this approach means I can have my Google+ experience exactly the way I want it. This allows me to absorb the kind of information I want, when I want, without being overloaded with the all or nothing approach seen with competing social media platforms.


Google+ as a Marketing tool

Google allows you to add the +1 button on your pages or for people to +1 you from the Google toolbar. This is similar to Facebook likes but more powerful, you can click +1 from a Google Search Results page and see what your Friends have clicked. This means your articles will be discovered by others at an exponential rate, the joys of viral marketing.

The final thought that you will want to remember is that Google+ allows you to promote your website without needing to be too concerned with spamming people. As long as you’re sharing quality content that is of genuine interest you will find other Google+ users are willing to hear what you have to say.

It is an essential part of your website marketing arsenal, along side Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Social Bookmarking sites.



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