How inactivity can be detrimental to your website


Arrow showing a down turn in my Google Page Rank


Having got the ‘Wrexham Website Designer’ website to the very top of the Google result page for the search term ‘Wrexham Website Designer’. I decided to see how long it would take until it started to slide back down. I took a course of inaction, i.e. I didn’t edit the site for 3 months.




Well as you can see by the picture below my site has dropped dramatically in the last few days. This just goes to show that you do need to be proactive and add content to your website on a regular basis. The last blog article was published on the 25th Jan, not only is this a kiss of death for a real business website (if you can’t write a blog article at least once a month then don’t have a blog, people will wonder if your company is still active and trading) it’s also going to cost you your ranking with the search engines.


Screenshot of Search Engine Ranking showing my site has dropped in the Google Search Engine Ranking 



The above picture was generated by the iPad app ‘Search Engine Ranking’ at £1.99 it is a bargain for anyone interested in tracking a websites ranking progress.


So what’s next? Well I have a few articles pre-written which I will publish over the next month or so, I will submit them to the usual Social Bookmarking sites and Ping Aggregates. It will be interesting to see if and when the ‘Wrexham Website Designer’ website climbs back to number one slot 🙂

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