How Newsletters can benefit your Business Website


Newsletters can be beneficial for Business Websites

In the era of Web 2.0, social media and even RSS feeds, it’s easy to forget that not all that along ago the Web as we knew it needed people to first discover your site, then hopefully bookmark it. Early on, it was clear that this wasn’t the most effective way to keep website visitors returning to read the latest article or view the newest product. Back in the 1990s, a few clever online publishers discovered email content delivery. Also known as ezines or newsletters, this content delivery method allowed website visitors to enjoy content sent directly to their email boxes. In this article, I will share some of the benefits experience by offering newsletters to your website visitors.




Repeat eyeballs

This might sound a bit strange, but if you’re website is trying to sell something or simply keep the locals informed, a newsletter is a great tool to make sure you are retaining website visitors. The wonderful thing about newsletters is that they are free to deliver and the recipient can open them in their email inbox at their leisure.

By taking this approach, you know that you have a unique ability to keep your audience engaged even if they’re not thinking about your website at the moment. Best of all, it’s also working to brand your website content into the reader’s mind. Chances are, the newsletter reader is going to end up re-visiting your website because of an item in your newsletter. Especially if you’re providing links to visit the website within the context of the newsletter itself, use enticing snippets and a read more button to take them to the website content.

Advertising Opportunities

Unlike websites, where placing ads can slow down a website and in turn, create future SEO related headaches or frustrated users, newsletters allow ads to be self-contained. And regardless of the newsletter length, you can easily arrange appropriate ads within it corresponding with the content you’re sharing with your readers.

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to monetise a newsletter is to sell products directly to newsletter readers. Once again, making sure the product is on-target for the readership, selling products can be an effective means of earning some extra money when you first begin growing a newsletter from the beginning.

Building a Sense of Community

The last benefit worth noting is how your website visitors can build up a sense of community. These newsletter based community experiences are great as everyone subscribing clearly shares a common interest. Bundle your newsletter with the option to allow readers to submit questions and you’ve just completed the final piece of your newsletter puzzle. Remember, offering a newsletter is only effective so long as the reader is engaged. I’ve found through countless examples that the longest lasting newsletters offer readers the ability to submit and receive answers, to their questions.


Never use your own email program to create a newsletter, there are several major disadvantages doing it this way.

  • It is hard to format the letter and apply branding
  • You will have to email the newsletters from your business email account. If the Spam Filtering Services that monitor internet traffic, notice a large amount of emails coming from one account. That email account might get classified as a spammer. This means your legitimate emails would get blocked!


Always use a dedicated online email / newsletter service.  They will have customisable templates for you to use and will have an automated subscribe / unsubscribe option. You must always have an unsubscribe button in your newsletter.



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