How To Use Twitter Effectively

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Since its creation, Twitter has become a something a powerhouse with regard to offering all of us with a new way to communicate. One of the biggest differences between Twitter and something like email, is that it allows you to effectively reach out to anyone with a Twitter account. Unlike email, where unsolicited messages wander into a spam folder.



Using Twitter as a soapbox

If you think of Twitter as a virtual soapbox, Twitter’s value becomes self-evident. It’s greatest asset is the ability to share the latest you offer, service and news with others who will enjoy what you have to share. Ultimately you are trying to engage them with interesting snippets so they will browse your website and hopefully purchase your product or service.

The real trick is finding a way to gain the most relevant attention possible. You are after ‘Followers’.  These are people who subscribe to receive your Tweets.


Retweet Button

Make sure that your existing website visitors are able to “retweet” your web pages easily by offering a Twitter retweet button. If you’re running a blog, you’ll want to make sure that your Twitter plug-in is set to retweet each blog article. This way readers can share a topic of interest with their own followers.


Embracing hash tags

Another critical feature when using Twitter is using what are referred to as hash tags. When you’re trying to follow, create or tap into an audience following a set of keywords on Twitter, generally hash tags will be used. For example #blogs indicates my comment would be concerning Blogs.  This makes it easier for people who are not currently Following you, to find your article.

When taking this approach however, it’s critical not to spam unrelated topics. The idea is to add something of value to the Twitter conversation, not merely send random links to those who might not be interested. i.e. don’t spam your Twitter account.


Twitter as two-way communication

The last tip I wanted to share is about utilising Twitter as a way to keep a dialogue open with your website visitors. Broadcast ideas of your own, answer questions, or perhaps just use Twitter as a place to share industry ideas. However you choose to use this social media tool, it’s only as effective as you allow it to be.


Final thought – Twitter applications

For those of you managing multiple Twitter accounts, need to access these accounts on mobile devices or simply need to schedule when announcements are being made, using software can be a big help. I’ve found that on mobile devices such as smart phones, using a Twitter application is invaluable as it saves time. Not only can you easily comment, respond or announce whatever you need, this software is very easy to manage in comparison to the website version of Twitter in a mobile browser.

If you are managing a large marketing campaign on Twitter Tweetbig from it is not free at the time of this article being written.  It was around a tenner per month, but it will save you time and make your campaign easier to manage.


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