How to write the content for your website

Writing the content for your website

Writing the website content is the hardest part of website creation. It does not matter how good your website designer is. They can not effectively write the content for you. Only you truly understand your business, products and services.




There are a few important facts you need to know before you start to write your content:


1. Firstly you are not writing the content for your clients, you are writing it for the Search Engines. If the Search Engines do not understand what you do, they will not bring you up on a Search Result Page, i.e. they will not bring you new clients.


2. Secondly you are writing the content for your prospective clients. It has to be clear, brief, succinct, but informative. Ideally you should write 3 to 4 short paragraphs on every page. The first paragraph is the one aimed primarily at your prospective clients the others supplementing it with extra information.


3. You need to decide what are the Key Phrases that people might type in to the Search Engines, looking for your Product or Service. These Key Phrases need to be in the web page textual information 2 or 3 times. The Search Engines think you will repeat your important phrases or words.


4. You need to supply the Page Title for every page. This is the Title that the Search Engines will show in the Search Results Page. This should be 65 characters long (a space is counted as a character). Is should include your company name and a keyword or two from the page.

Example of Meta Title and Meta Description being used by Google

5. You need to supply the Meta Description for every page. This is the descriptive sentence that the Search Engines will show in the Search Results Page (See the picture above). This should be 160 characters long (a space is counted as a character). Is should NOT include your company name or the words ‘Welcome to’! It should be a brief succinct sentence that contains the most popular Keywords or Phrase you chose for that page.


6. You need to supply the Meta Keywords for every page. Keywords are no longer used by the Search Engines, but they are used by Online Business Directories to categorise you. Up to 10 keywords per page. These are basically the key phrases you wrote in section 3.


7. You must inform the designer what type of picture you want on each page.


8. You must supply an alternative textual description for the picture. UK Law stipulates that you must supply a textual description for every picture or you face being fined under the Disability Discrimination Act. Also the Search Engines read these tags to learn more about you. Create a sentence that is 160 Characters long and describes how the picture relates to your Product or Service, use the Key Phrases that you chose for that page in section 3.


9. If you are a Limited Company you must supply the following information for display on your website: Company Number, VAT Number, Registered Address, Physical Address, Email Address and any Trade Body Registration Number.




Writing Your Website Content Template

Fill in one template for every page on your website


1. Create as many Key Words or Phrases that you think someone might enter into a Search Engine looking for a service or product on this webpage.




2. Title of Webpage – 65 characters. Remember blank spaces count as 1 character:




3. Description that you want the Search Engines to bring up in a search result for this web page – 160 characters. Remember blank spaces count as 1 character.




4. Write the textual content for this web page. Incorporate as many of the Keywords or Phrases that you wrote in section 1 into this text at least twice. You have to let the Search Engines know which words are important, by repeating them. Draw empty boxes where you want your pictures or photos to go. Number the pictures and then write down which picture you want there so you don’t forget later (use a blank piece of paper).



5. Picture Description or Alternative Tags, write a short 160 character descriptive sentence for each picture incorporating as many Keywords or Phrases as possible.




6. Mandatory information:


Company Number


VAT Number


Registered Address


Physical Address


Email Address


Trade Body Registration number



Now read over this document Have you included all of the Keywords you wrote down in section 1? Now show it to someone else. After reading it do they fully understand what the product or service is about? If they have any questions then you need to rewrite this page.


Here is a PDF version of this page which you can print out:  How to write the content for your website.pdf

PDF Logo File






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