Paid for SEO, is it quantifiable? 

Can you quantify your SEO

More and more companies are springing up selling SEO services and whilst many of them are excellent, many are sadly falling short of the mark.

If you have read any of the articles on Wrexham Website Designer and hopefully you have, then you will know that SEO falls into three areas:

On Site SEO
Off Site SEO
Social SEO


On Site SEO is the most important and, in truth, your website designer should have created your site to conform to the guidelines laid down by Google in the Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide

Off site and Social SEO is where many SEO companies concentrate their efforts.  Without strong On Site SEO you are basically wasting your time with Off Site, so do this first.

When negotiating with an SEO company you need to ask the following questions:

  • How long have they been working in SEO?
  • How many sites have they worked on? 
  • What key phrases have they targeted and did they manage to get them on the first page of Google?
  • Can you speak to some of their clients?
  • Do they outsource any of the SEO work?
  • What exactly will they do for you?  (You need a written record broken down into sections)
  • How will they prove it?
  • What will the benefits be of each item on the above list?
  • How do they determine new quality traffic to your site (Where the traffic comes from is important.  You can get 500 unique visitors a day from the Baltic States for a few pounds a month.  It looks good on your hit counter but you would never get a sale from such practices)
  • What happens if at the end of the contractual period you have not had a significant increase in sales?
  • Are they are generating back links to your website?
  • Will you get a list of them so you can verify this?
  • How many and over what period will they appear?
  • If they write articles for you, will you get a copy and the address of where it is published?
  • If they generate you users on Twitter, Facebook et al will these users actually be useful?  (I know one company that got and charged £200 for 500 Facebook followers for one of my clients, upon inspection these followers were scattered across the globe.  Not much use for a company that only sells their service locally.)
  • Will they sign a declaration stating that black hat (Banned  practices) techniques will not be used and that they will not get you black listed by the search engines?
  • How long will it take to get you on the first page of Google?  It took me three weeks to get this site on the first page for the keywords ‘Wrexham Website Designer’.  Other phrases that are not localised with a town name will take longer and will be much harder to accomplish.
  • Will they be editing your site? (for On Site SEO)
  • Will they sign a guarantee for each key phrase that you stipulate to attain a certain ranking? (preferable first page of Google)
  • How will they prove they have done the work
  • Will they be using paid for adverts instead of proper SEO techniques? (i.e. Google Adwords)
  • If they use social bookmarking will they give you a list of all bookmarks so you can verify them?
  • Will they create social sites for you?


  • How will they measure your Return On Investment (ROI)?  You are after all paying for a service to increase your sales and it should generate far more than it costs to implement



Please remember the key phrases that you ask for must be the common phrases that people type in to Google looking for a service or product like yours.  There is no point paying for phrases that no one will search for.

No one can actually guarantee first place on Google, but you do need some assurances that you will get something for your money and hopefully onto page one.

No one has a Special Relationship with Google, anyone claiming that they have and that they can get you on the first page should be avoided.  Google has account managers which may deal with SEO companies and give them advice on acceptable practices.  They do not favour one company above another or make deals for top placement.


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