Perils of free 30 day trial template driven websites

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We have all seen them, no quibble 30 day trial of ….  In this case template driven website and hosting services (i.e. websites that are pre-made and you fill in the blanks).  Some are good and offer reasonable usability and functionality for newbies and novices alike, people who can’t afford to have a website built by a professional website designer or just want to try it for themselves.  But some template driven websites are down right dreadful and confuse the unfortunate soul who signed up for it. 



So… what is the problem?  It’s 30 day no quibble, what can I lose?  Well your domain name for one!  Most people will sign up and register the domain name they require for their business.  The problem arises if you decide you do not like the template driven service and wish to go else where.  You will find the domain name has been registered in the template host providers name and not yours!  Getting this name off the template host can prove problematic.  Little can be found in the help files or FAQ’s and support will be vague about the question.  I have one client who at this moment is involving Nominet to retrieve his domain name from a big name stationary provider who offers template website hosting.

Moral of this story is ….  Honestly? I don’t know!  If you are trying a template site, it means you do not have a huge amount of technical knowledge and can’t afford a web designer.  So telling you about buying your own domain name at a main stream registrar and using the DNS records in your Control Panel (Cpanel) to point your domain name to your template site will be of no use to you, plus some template sites won’t allow this.  All I can say is proceed with caution and ask to see some working examples of real sites built with the template service.



Nominet deal with UK domain names such as, or  They can be contacted by Phone on: 01865 332233 or via email at Email:  I must confess their website is not that helpful.

You can check who is the registered owner of your UK based domain name by using the free Nominet service at for non UK domain names you can use  

InterNic deal with non UK domain name such as .com 


What is the DNS (Domain Name System)?


The Domain Name System (DNS) helps user’s computers find their way around the Internet.  Every computer on the Internet has a unique address, similar to a post code and house number.  It is called the “IP address” (IP stands for “Internet Protocol”).  IP Addresses are hard for humans to remember.  This website’s IP Address is – is marginally easier to remember.


The DNS server converts the domain name into an IP address for your computer and from there it can now find the website that you are after. 

There are many YouTube videos showing you how to change your DNS records



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