Procuring a quote for your new website


This is a sample form that I recommend you use whilst trying to find a reasonable quote from local Wrexham based website designers.



I require a website for my business that has           pages




The website needs to contain a:


A new logo and colour scheme          [Yes / No]

If your company does not have a logo, you’ll need one.


Content Management System          [Yes / No]

Allows you to create and edit pages yourself for free in the future.


E-commerce          [Yes / No]

Allows you to accept payments for items you sell on your site.


Membership Area          [Yes / No]

A system where your clients can login to your site to access documents that are not accessible to non-members.


BLOG          [Yes / No]

A blog is a web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual or business. Typically updated daily / weekly, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.


Pop3 Email Account          [Yes / No]

This is a real email account as opposed to a forwarding account that redirects the email to your free account from your ISP.


Email opt-in system with newsletter facility          [Yes / No]

This allows you to email out periodic newsletters to advertise news products and services.


Google Analytics          [Yes / No]

This free service from Google will show you not, only how many people view your site but complete demographics about them.




Off Site Extras:



Creation of Facebook page          [Yes / No]

This can be a valuable part of social marketing


Creation of Twitter page          [Yes / No]

This can be a valuable part of social marketing


Creation of Google+ page          [Yes / No]

This can be a valuable part of social marketing




I would like each item to be priced individually

so I can pick and choose which option I can afford at this time.




I also require the following information:


How long will it take until my website is live?

In the future how much will it cost per hour for extra work?

How will I be shown / taught to use the system?

Is there a downloadable guide to refresh my memory?

What software platform will you using to build my site?

If your company ceased trading what would happen to my site?

How much SEO will be done on your website?

Minimum should be Page titles, Page Descriptions, Use of Header tags and alternative Image text on all pages.

Who owns the copyright to the work they do for you?

UK Law states  that a designer holds the legal rights to all work unless he signs it over to you.  Unless this is signed over to you, you do not own the design and site!

What is the dispute process if you don’t like the work they have done?

What is the separation process if you wish to move to a different web designer in the future and will there be a fee?


When you register my domain name will you be registering it in my company name so it is my legal property and not yours?


How long have you been trading?

How many websites have you built?

Do you have a portfolio I can view?


What are the on-going  / annual costs for:


Domain name fee?


Is there a mandatory maintenance contract?

Other Fees?


If you are searching for a web designer on the internet please use the word Wrexham in your search query “Wrexham Website Designer”.  This will bring up local designers, whom you will be able to visit in person, this is most advantageous if you have a problem in the future!


There is a PDF of this page available for download Procuring a quote for your new website

 PDF Logo File





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