Small Businesses do not have the time to perform proper Off Site SEO

 Businesses don't have time for SEO

Most small SME’s struggle to perform their own Search Engine Optimization and they can’t afford to pay for SEO work or really know who to trust.  I have heard of one company that pays £700 per month for SEO and when I checked the site I could not find what the company had done either on or off site.  The average Price in Wrexham for SEO is £200 per month.  Even for that I would want a comprehensive list every month of all work done, SEO is sometimes hard to quantify as results can take months.  You need a copy of all articles, links and proof of where they are submitted to etc.





Basic Off Site SEO includes:


  • Writing regular blog articles
  • Submitting these articles to Social Bookmark sites       
  • Submitting these articles to RSS Feed sites
  • Participating in discussion groups or comments on own blog or others blogs
  • Utilising Social Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.  These sites need constant new feeds and interaction with followers
  • Creating YouTube videos if possible

All this takes time and most small business owners have little spare time as it is.  Some don’t realise they need to do this as part of their marketing campaign, some know about it but do not see it as being important and some know about it and struggle with it.

Copywriters can take the strain off the blog writing articles but prices vary from £5 – £35 per article.  If you are serious about your blog as part of your marketing campaign then you need at least one a week, some say one a day!. 

There are automated submission services to social bookmark websites, but it will still take a day to set up.  You have to first go to each bookmarking website and register for an account, then configure the submitter.  This article should get posted to 30+ Social Bookmarking site, thus creating 30 back links and hopefully people will actually read it and visit the site.

It’s a fine line for businesses, do they spend more time on their website marketing it and hoping to bring new customers in or actually running your business, which was the point of having a website!


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