The importance of updating your CMS website

I know a lot of companies that have websites based on open source Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal et al. The problem arises when they do not realise that these systems need to be regularly updated, in the same way your Windows PC receives security and function improvement updates from Microsoft.

With WordPress (the most common CMS) this is normally a simple process and involves nothing more than clicking the ‘Update’ Button. The system will also inform you if there are any template or plug-in updates that need to be installed, this too is a simple click of a button.

Failure to perform these updates leaves your site at risk from hackers, and this happens more often than you would think. I know a lot of companies that have had their sites hacked and malicious scripts / viruses injected into them. Anybody who subsequently looks at the website is then infected. Thankfully Google will scan sites for known scripts and then inform it’s users before they click through from the search result page that the site may contain harmful scripts and recommends that they do not click through.

All of this of course is bad for business, you could lose control of your website, the content might be altered, if it is an ecommerce site the hacker will have access to all of the payment details and settings and generally people will lose confidence in your company.

So it is important to check that the software running your website is up to date. If you can not do this your self you should ask your website designer.

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