Useful SEO tools on the iPad


Seo Programs for the iPad


For many of us, the iPad has all but replaced the need for a notebook computer. Because of this, those of us running our own websites are also looking at different SEO tools available on the iPad. Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, there are a number of tools available for the iPad that will aid you with your SEO needs.




Analytics HD for iPad

Considering the fact that Google Analytics is tough to beat, it makes sense that going with Analytics HD for the iPad is a logical way to access this data. Providing up to 55 reports and full screen charts, the metrics provided by Analytics HD is tough to surpass.

Some might baulk at the idea of paying for access to Google Analytics, however once you see this app in action the £5 fee is nothing to be concerned about. Some users have even claimed that when it comes to accessing Google Analytics data, Analytics HD does a better job than the official Google website.


SEO Search Ranking

One factor many webmasters tend to forget is the importance of making sure their websites don’t fall down within the search engine rankings (SERP). Don’t make the same mistake as your competitors! Instead, I would suggest looking into an iPad app called SEO Search Ranking.

SEO Search Ranking is an outstanding iPad app for webmasters wanting to check for SERP performance, sudden traffic changes and multitasking updates running in the background. It will numerically tell you your ranking and show you a graph of your position on Google for specified keywords over a period of time. Without question, this is among the best in the low-cost iPad apps for monitoring your website rankings.


Website SEO Analyser

If you’re looking for a good tool to get a quick report on your website SEO, then might I suggest looking at Website SEO Analyser for the iPad. This app will give you deep SEO details on any domain you throw at it. You can use it to check on your own work or probe into the world of a competitor.

Unlike many options available elsewhere, the Website SEO Analyser is completely free for iPad users.


Why SEO tools for the iPad?

As I bring this article to a close, I would suggest that you try each of the tools above, to see which of them works best for you. In the end, you will at the very least want to consider Analytics HD and Website SEO Analyser. These two iPad tools alone, will help you to see how your site is doing and how it’s doing against the competition.


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